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First Christian Church invites you to celebrate your wedding ceremony with us. Your wedding is more than a date on the calendar. It is more than a social event. It is even more than a simple church service. Your wedding represents a declaration before God and your community of your commitment to one another through faith and worship. It is an honor for us to be able to serve in such a capacity, and we look forward to a beautiful service for you, your families, and your loved ones.

At First Christian Church, we view marriage between two people as a holy sacrament … not just the wedding ceremony, but the life-long relationship that begins on the wedding day. We want to help your marriage be a strong and lasting one.

We welcome inquiries from non-members who wish to be married at FCC and look at that as in opportunity for us to form a long-term relationship. We ask that these couples commit to three or more pre-marital advising sessions with the pastor and attend church regularly during their engagement to explore as a couple what it means to participate in a faith community.

Marriages call for a great deal of planning. Please contact the church at least 6 months in advance of the event, and preferably one year in advance. The Pastor decides whether or not to perform a marriage at FCC, and any conversations about marriage here always begin with an appointment with the Pastor.

First Christian Church offers:

  • A beautiful sanctuary that seats approximately 300
  • Povey art glass windows
  • Pipe organ and grand piano
  • Handicap access to sanctuary and rest rooms
  • A beautiful, spacious parlor for the bride to prepare for her day
  • One pair brass spiral candelabra (we furnish candles)
  • Eight free-standing pew candles with glass chimneys (you furnish candles)
  • Two wood and brass candle-lighters
  • Glass or brass unity candle holders (you furnish candles)
  • Choice of oak pedestals or tables for flowers
  • Altar
  • Amplification system for soloists
  • Kneeling bench
  • We also have reception facilities (please ask for details)


We require that one of our ministers officiate at all weddings held at First Christian. However, at the invitation of one of our ministers, a clergy-person of your choosing may assist in the ceremony. (Please note there will be an additional charge of $200.00 for this accommodation.) For more information you may contact the church office.

Be sure to call and arrange an appointment with our minister who will be performing your ceremony. (S)he will want to meet with you at least once to get acquainted and to talk over the ceremony. If you do not know which minister is performing your wedding, please contact our Office Administrator, Patsy Guard at 503-228-9211, or

Church Membership

You do not have to be a member of First Christian Church to have your wedding in our sanctuary. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like more information about the church, please let us know.

Scheduling Your Wedding

To inquire about booking a wedding, please contact our Office Administrator, Patsy Guard at 503-228-9211, or

Wedding Hostess

One of the church’s wedding hostesses will be present during your rehearsal and on the day of your wedding to ensure things go smoothly. Should you choose to hire outside wedding coordinators, we will be happy to have their assistance, but please be aware that our minister and hostess will be in charge of directing the ceremony.

Fees (for non-members) (Please contact the office if you are an FCC member.)

Wedding Ceremony Only Fee – $1,500.00
Includes a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required at the time you book your wedding. Fees also include the use of equipment and building, set-up, clean up, and honorariums for the church’s minister, wedding hostess, building host and musician.

Additional Time – $50.00/hour (or portion of)
If available, you may schedule additional set-up time on the day of your wedding. Please contact the wedding hostess for availability.

Outside Clergy – an additional $200.00

Holiday Fee – an additional $100.00
The holiday fee will be charged for weddings on the following days: New Years’ Eve, Day, and adjacent weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July and adjacent weekend, Labor Day weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend.

Date Change- an additional $50.00
There will be an additional $50.00 fee to change your wedding date once you’ve already booked.

Reception Only Fee – $900.00
Includes use of building, custodial supplies, and reception host. If alcohol is served, there will be an additional reception host required at $50.00. (In order to serve alcohol, an OLCC server must be provided by you.)

Total Wedding & Reception Fee – $2,400.00

The balance is due two weeks prior to the rehearsal date. Please make checks payable to First Christian Church. We are unable to take credit cards.

Music & Multi-Media Presentations

The wedding fee includes the services of the church organist and/or pianist. You are welcome to bring in your own musicians (other than an organist), but all outside music must be pre-approved by the church.  We consider weddings a form of worship, therefore PowerPoint slide shows, and other multi-media presentations are not permitted in the sanctuary.


The church will be opened for a total of four (4) hours on your wedding day. This is for the arrival of the wedding party, floral delivery, set up, and photographs. You will need to decide if you are taking pictures before or after your wedding ceremony and factor that into your time line. You will have a time period of one (1) hour for the ceremony, signing of the marriage license/certificate, photos on the church steps, and clean up.


You will have a rehearsal one day prior to your wedding. During the rehearsal the minister and hostess will walk the wedding party through the ceremony.  Rehearsals usually last between 45 minutes to one hour.  Musicians are generally not at the rehearsals.  Please ask all participants to arrive a few minutes early, so that we may begin on time.  This is especially important as there is usually more than one rehearsal scheduled.


There is street meter parking and garage parking. The church has garage parking on SW Jefferson between SW Broadway and SW Park Avenues.  Other nearby parking garage locations are: 1301 SW 5th Ave; 1211 SW 5th Ave; 1400 SW 4th Ave.; 1000 SW Broadway; 1100 SW 6th Ave; and 515 SW Salmon St. (We recommend you check with the city regarding any special events that may impose parking difficulties on your wedding day.)

Wedding Assistants

We strongly suggest that you arrange for the following assistants:

  • One guest book attendant (also responsible for getting the book to the reception)
  • One or two persons to take gifts
  • Someone to pin on corsages and boutonnieres.
  • Someone to transport the flowers to the reception.
  • Someone to transport gifts from the church after the wedding.
  • Someone to be responsible for the rings


When ordering your invitations, use the following address as the location of the church:

First Christian Church
Southwest Park Avenue at Columbia
Portland, Oregon

Do not use the office address as listed in phone books.

Wedding License and Fee Balance

Be sure to obtain your wedding license at least three days prior to the wedding date. No witnesses or medical exams are necessary, but you will be expected to pay in cash (no personal checks). The balance for your wedding is due no later than one week prior to your wedding date.

Flowers, Candles and Decorations

Doors will be opened for flower delivery and decorating at the agreed upon time block for the wedding. If available, you may schedule additional set-up time at a rate of $50.00/hour (or portion of) on the day of your wedding. Please contact our Office Administrator, Patsy Guard at 503-228-9211, or for availability.

  • Floral arrangements may be placed on the altar, baptistery rail, pedestals in the chancel area, and the candelabra. Arrangements placed on the altar should not obstruct the organist’s view over the reredos (the partition which hides the organ console from view).
  • Absolutely no floral decorations or candles are to be placed on the piano or organ.
  • Flowers girls may drop silk floral petals only, as real flower petals stain the carpet.
  • If you plan on using our pew candle holders, you will need to provide eight 10- to 12-inch tapers. If you plan on using a unity candle, you will need to supply one pillar candle and two 12-inch tapers.
  • Only the church’s candles may be used in the spiral brass candelabra.
  • All candles must be non-drip and storing them in the freezer helps minimize dripping. Please take care to place cloths or dishes under candles to protect furniture and floor surfaces from dripping wax.
  • Because they are a hazard for high heels and long dresses, we do not permit aisle runners.

Photographs and Video Recordings

  • We recommend that your photos be taken before the wedding.  See the “Suggested Wedding Day Schedule” sheet in our Wedding Packet for more information.
  • Flash photos are not permitted once the ceremony has begun.
  • Video cameras are welcome, so long as the technician does not require additional lighting, and does not create a distraction to the ceremony.


A church wedding is also a service of worship, and we feel that both instrumental and vocal music should be of the highest quality and appropriate for a church sanctuary. Our staff musicians are professionals who have spent their lives perfecting their craft, and will play music chosen especially for your wedding. You are welcome to bring in your own musicians (other than an organist), but music must be pre-approved by the church.  The church’s musician generally does not attend the rehearsal.

Other Important Details

  • No smoking/illegal drugs are permitted in any part of the building.
  • Wine and beer are only allowed to be served in the multipurpose room and courtyard if a reception is also scheduled at the church.
  • The moving and/or rearranging of furniture in the sanctuary is not permitted. Oak flower pedestals are an exception.
  • Because of safety concerns on our front steps, neither bird seed, rose petals, nor rice may be thrown. Also, no animals (doves, butterflies, etc.) may be used. Bubbles, sparklers, and crushed lavender are permitted.
  • Purses and other valuables should always be left in someone’s care and not in the dressing rooms during the ceremony. First Christian Church is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • The church does not supply table cloths,  linens, or china.


If you have additional questions, please contact our Office Administrator, Patsy Guard at 503-228-9211, or

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